How to shop organic on a budget (a.k.a save the coins)

endocrine disrupting chemicals how to save money shopping organic organic Jan 20, 2021

One of the things I suggest often is to shop organic whenever possible.

However, the major problem with organic food is that it is quite costly, and especially in these tough times, most of us are just trying to get by, let alone save our hard earned money.

The challenge is that conventionally produced food can be laden with pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, and fertilisers, all known to impact health and disrupt hormone balance.

That's why shopping organic is something that we should all aim to do more of, and finding organic food for less is therefore essential.

Here are a few of my favourite tips and tricks for getting organics without breaking the bank. 

Six ways to shop organic on a budget:

Grow it:

With a few packets of organic seeds and a little effort, you can grow gorgeous organic food for minimal money spent! You do not need a huge garden to grow most herbs and vegetables. A few pots can do the job! Utilise windowsills, porch space and even deck railings!

Start small with easy herbs and greens like basil, parsley, and mint. Look for vegetable varieties that suit your space and climate. 

With a little time and a little sunshine, you will be eating your homegrown crops and saving on your grocery bill! 

Here are some pictures from my dad's garden harvests.


Seasonal Buying:

Produce is always cheaper when it is in season (organic or not). The key to scoring organic produce on a budget is to make sure that you buy things that are in season. Farmers markets are another great way to source seasonal organics for less. 

Have you seen this 👇 YouTube video of my Farmer's Market haul? 

Less Meat:

Quality meats cost more.  Why?  Raising animals humanely on enough land where they can roam and enjoy quality feed and pastures of grass costs more than factory farming. 

Instead of compromising on quality, use your money wisely and buy less of the best meat available. 

Get to know your local free-range farmers and consider going in on a share of an animal to stock your freezer and keep more money in your wallet. 

Buy in Bulk: 

Buying some organic food items in bulk can save you money. Create a pantry list of the staples you regularly use. 

Rice, lentils, beans, oats, raisins, dates and nuts etc.

Root vegetables also tend to store well and can also be purchased in bulk.  Onions and potatoes can last for months when stored properly.  

Choose wisely:

You can save money by shopping organic mostly, if not only, for the foods that you will be eating whole (with the skins on). 

When you remove the peels from fruit and veggies, you will reduce your exposure to some of the nasties that may have been sprayed on them. This way, you won't have to shop organic for everything necessarily, rather opt to choose organic for those fruits and vegetables that you will not peel.

The Final Verdict:

The reality is that organic food does cost more up front, but making these changes can help to not only reduce your expenses today, but into the future when considering potential health costs.

It is possible to enjoy organic produce on a budget!  

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