Helping you fix your period problems

(without birth control)

Meet Dr Carmen

"Your body can heal itself, it just needs the right conditions."

My mission is to blend conventional practices with holistic approaches, helping women make informed choices about their health.

So, rather than telling you what to do, I'd like to walk alongside you on your health journey.

Ready to take back control of your health?

Take The Hormone Imbalance Quiz

Make sense of your symptoms and figure out which hormones may be out of balance,

understand your body’s specific needs without the guesswork and get actionable tips to get you started on your hormone health journey.

3-Month Hormone Health Coaching Program

Get personalised, 1:1 coaching with Dr. Carmen for hormone-related challenges, including endometriosis, PCOS, post-birth control syndrome, perimenopause, fertility issues, and more. The program focuses on lifestyle coaching, supplements and herbs, personalised movement plans, and detox guidance.

28-Day Hormone Balance Reset Guide

Kickstart your hormone health journey in the next 28 days with this guide. Gain insights into the most common female hormonal imbalances, learn the fundamental principles of balancing hormones naturally, and get weekly dietary guidelines, movement recommendations, plus herbs and supplements to support hormone balance.

Interactive health talks and workshops

Dr. Carmen offers a range of interactive health talks and workshops, perfect for corporate and social events.

She believes that everyone should have the tools to live a healthy, vibrant life without the burden of chronic disease.

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